How to change option renderer in bundle product options block

Bundle product option block uses the addRender method to insert child blocks. Child blocks are declared without the name, but they have a type to identify them.

The remove tag or unsetchild won’t work in that case but using the same type magento will replace the existing one.
I was able to use different layout creating different handles for different product_bundle types

Fix Phpstorm case-sensitive warning

As magento uses a lot case-sensitive folder and files name, I use a case-sensitive partition on my Mac in order to prevent file losses, above all when installing extensions that require file merge or replace. That helps to prevent to overwrite a file called File.php on a file called file.php and so on.

Unfortunately PhpStorm seems to have some problems working on case-sensitive FS and every time one opens a project it shows a warning about it.

The OS X  workaround while IntelliJ is working on that issue is to open the PHPstorm package


and add this row at the end of file

#Magento: permanent redirect all urls from http to https

The procedure below enables ssl site-wide and sets permanent redirects from old http urls the https ones

  1. Set unsecure base url using https protocol
  2. Enable use ssl in frontend area
  3. Set system->configuration->web->Url Options->Auto-redirect to Base URL as Yes (301 permanent)
  4. Override the magento frontend router function _checkBaseUrl(), copying the file: app/code/local/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Front.php

and using this code:

protected function _checkBaseUrl($request)
        if (!Mage::isInstalled() || $request->getPost() || strtolower($request->getMethod()) == 'post') {

        $redirectCode = (int)Mage::getStoreConfig('web/url/redirect_to_base');
        if (!$redirectCode) {
        } elseif ($redirectCode != 301) {
            $redirectCode = 302;

        if ($this->_isAdminFrontNameMatched($request)) {

        $baseUrl = Mage::getBaseUrl(
        if (!$baseUrl) {

        $uri = @parse_url($baseUrl);
        $requestUri = $request->getRequestUri() ? $request->getRequestUri() : '/';
        $newUrl = rtrim($baseUrl, '/') . $requestUri; // PD-April-170
        if (isset($uri['scheme']) && $uri['scheme'] != $request->getScheme()
            || isset($uri['host']) && $uri['host'] != $request->getHttpHost()
            || isset($uri['path']) && strpos($requestUri, $uri['path']) === false
        ) {
                ->setRedirect($newUrl, $redirectCode)